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Ant-Man (2015)

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Blogger’s note: This is a rewrite of a review. I unfortunately lost my review due to not submitting it whilst writing…whoops.

It seems like Hollywood has been busy milking the cash cow franchises for the big screen(s) as of late, and Disney comes to mind, seeing as they’ve bought assets from Marvel Comics and holds rights to Star Wars, for better or for worse. Only time will tell if The Force Awakens will be as solid as we’re all expecting it to be. But at least we’ll be safe from the re-re-release/remastered CGI distractions…right? But I digress. Well long story short: the movie I had intended to see (I forgot which one it was) was apparently already off the theater listings, and we were already running late according to the screening schedules, so we settled for this one.

Superhero films seems to be having a good run this decade as well, and they’re definitely doing something right because the audiences keep coming back, unlike what would have done for the many superhero box office bombs of circa 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Ant-Man (2015)

Tagline: “Heroes don’t get any bigger.”


Plot summary

The film is centered around Scott Lang (the second Ant-Man), a former electric engineer being paroled from prison, and struggling to be re-accepted into society due to a burglary incident he was imprisoned for. Barred from seeing his daughter by his ex-wife, he is coerced (by Luis) into doing one more housebreaking job in order to find valuables that could help him pay for child support, he unknowingly breaks into Dr. Hank Pym (the first Ant-Man)’s home and breaks into his vault to find a would-be “ordinary motorcycle suit”; this turns out to be a huge understatement. Little did he know that Pym had orchestrated this eventful meeting with Lang to carry the mantle for becoming the next Ant-Man.


The film’s strongest point appears to be its humorous quipping and adequate story development. The humor mainly comes from Lang’s discovery of his new found powers of size-alteration (and the mishaps of being ant-sized), as well as his learning to communicate with ants. The Luis character especially stands out as a supporting character, as the protagonist’s friend who manages to smile despite everything he’s been through, and is the one usually making cheeky remarks, or getting sidetracked in his own yarns (of stories). The film wastes less time on expositions and more time on fast-paced action scenes; the characters actually do something, instead of sitting around and talking about that something, which I felt was a good approach by the film, but can be dazzling to keep up with as well.


Left: One of the promotion movie posters, with Paul Rudd. Right: A promotional art from the Ant-Man comics, featuring the same character.

However, with humor being its strongest points, one feels that there can also be a little too much humor within the film. At certain times, a heroic battle between hero and villain is normally played out, only to have its mood whip-lashed by sudden shots of the ant-sized battle taking place, which can be cleverly humorous, but it can also be irksome when it happens during a moment when two characters are having a moment. The film also treats the viewers as though they have already watched the other Marvel films of different franchises, and therefore does not elaborate on who The Avengers or Hydra (from Captain America) are. This can be problematic for newcomers of the Marvel franchise, as they would have to assume what’s what on their own. This could be easily remedied by watching the other films or even picking up the comic books, but the film should act as a standalone, while also avoiding too much run-time of characters talking (also could be remedied by flashback segments).


Recommended – This film is a decent popcorn superhero flick, and provides the right amount of characterization for Ant-Man (the successor, that is) and what makes him one of the key members of The Avengers. The perky tone and fast-paced action makes for an entertaining group watch.

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