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The Fifth Element (1997) Review

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The Fifth Element (1997)


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It is Egypt 1914, an archarologist is about to discover the truth behind some hieroglyphics: A fifth element of a man; this might be the key to defeating evil. Suddenly, an spaceship lands in front of the site. An alien species by the name of Mondoshawans have come to take away the five element stones, saying when evil returns they too will return in 300 years. It is now the year 2314, a ship has discovered an unknown giant mass of black fire in deep space. It suddenly expands itself and destroys the scouting Earth battleship. The Mondoshawans return but something goes wrong and they are ambushed by shape-shifting Mangalores (how do they even come up with these names?); the priest who currently holds the Mondoshawan key from that day in 1914 in Egypt briefs President Lindberg (Tom Lister Jr.) of the history of the Great Evil and that only 48 hours is left to defeat it. Meanwhile, the scientists have recovered the hand of the fifth element from the crash site and has began to reconstruct it into a humanoid. She escapes and accidentally doves off into the taxicab of a former-Special Forces major, Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis, best known for role in Die Hard). After escaping from the authorities, the two talk and her name is apparently (wait for it…) Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat…but becomes known as “Leeloo”. She tells them the stones are stolen (in ancient language) and while they are talking, an industrialist with bad hair named Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman) (another mouthful for a name…) are looking for the stones too and that they have to get to take it first in order to save not just humanity, but all lifeforms.


Ruby Rhod (played by Chris Tucker)

# All night long, all night long~! #


Directed by Luc Besson, this one’s a French (it’s still in English) sci-fi gem for you moviegoers looking for a snappy dialogue and some actions. Chris Tucker (known best for his role in the Rush Hour series) also provides timely comic relief as an effeminate talk-show host. The settings are futuristic hover cars and sky-high buildings (we don’t see the ground, that’s the future!), which quite frankly is an amazingly made for the film. The characters are all interesting in their own ways, each with different personalities and attitudes. Put this one in your collection; you simply can’t sit through this film without having a bit of fun from it!


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