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The Graduate (1967) Review

Posted in Movie reviews - 1960s, Movies on April 2, 2012 by They call me "Mephy"

The Graduate (1967)

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It is rather disturbing to note that Hoffman’s character was literally stalking Elaine (Katharine Ross) by the last half of the film. He goes from (pardon the profanity) a bright and mild-mannered young man to a mother-lover and then someone with an even more uncertain future.

We will try out best to not spoil the plot here. Benjamin Braddock is a university graduate who hasn’t found a specific goal in life. Meanwhile, his parents uses his scholarship as bragging rights and makes him feel like he’s not in control of his own life. To add to that, he is unwittingly provoked by Mrs. Robinson (Anna Bancroft), one of his parent’s friends along with her husband, and has an affair with her behind their backs. A planned date set up by his own family with the Robinsons’ daughter, Elaine, what start out as a disinterested matchmaking, becomes a new romance. Ben now is torn between his love for the girl whose mother sleep in bed with him on numerous nights.

This film is definitely a unique one of the comedy-drama genre, of which doesn’t really age. It’s surprising a subject like an affair between a 21-year-old university graduate and an older woman got past censors. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad film at all, but it does seem more drama than comedy. Watching with a group of friends is recommended (although the blogger himself did make ridicule remarks to certain scenes because of the overreactions) !

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