Dewey Cox: The Walk Hard Story (2008)

Dewey Cox: The Walk Hard Story (2008)

After watching this one ages ago (I just started reviewing it now), it became an instant favorite for this blogger! Walk Hard can be defined as one of those films that takes you through the decades and does it well (although they didn’t really mention much about my favorite decade: the 80s). It also proved to us Bill C. Reily had a voice for singing!

Plot summary

In a rural 1946 Springberry, Alabama, 6-year-old Dewey (although, it technically should be 10 since his birthdate is 1936) and his child prodigy younger brother, Ned. During a pretend machete fight, one of the machetes unsheathe and cuts Ned in half (strangely, still alive and talking from his upper body stump). His father blames him for the accident (“The wrong kid died!”) and Dewey suddenly loses his sense of smell. Dewey must fulfill the dying wish of Ned to be double-great for the both of them and become something of himself; he takes up a guitar lesson in blues music in a country-store and becomes a rather fast learner.

Seven years later, Dewey (now 14 years old) causes a pitchfork-and-torch riot after a rock n’ roll performance, forcing Dewey to run off with his 12-year-old (that’s right) girlfriend to…well, they never told us, honestly. Eventually, he has a “light bulb moment” and gets his shot at the big time with his song, “Walk Hard”.


Being based on “Walk the Line”, the movie alters between humorous tone and serious one. At first glance of the movie poster, some will know right away that it’s reference The Young Lion photo shoot of Jim Morrison (lead singer of The Doors), already luring us in with a spoof of an iconic picture. The amazing part would be the fact John C. Reily himself played the guitar and sang the songs. The soundtrack of the film itself was written by various singer-songwriters, all of them had Reily singing and playing on guitar; it won the Sierra Award for Best Song in a Motion Picture from the Las Vegas Film Critics Society.


For those of you who live under a rock like me and nonetheless are exposed to all kinds of music genres and band histories: This movie is a MUST-SEE for anyone who have great taste in music and enjoys a good laugh at tongue n’ cheek references/spoofs will also find the notable roles (and the actors behind those roles) ranging from Buddy Holly (Frankie Muniz) to Paul McCartney (Jack Black) quite “perfectly wrong casting…in a good way”.


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